Soaping Binge

Soaping Binge

I went on a little bit of a soap binge last week. Masterbatching my lye/water and my oils was fun. I make ten batches with new soaps to be posted in the next month. We include Shea butter and cocoa butter in each of our soaps to make your skin sing out. Below are a few pictures of our soaps. We will be posting more in the few weeks to showcase our sneak peeks.

Goliad Market Days

Come by and see us at the Goliad Market Days! We have all the favorites and quite a few new scents! We even have a new product-- our new Lychee Bubble Bars! 

Soap Challenge: Circling Taiwan Swirl

Soap Challenge: Circling Taiwan Swirl

This month's Soap Challenge was a Circling Taiwan Swirl. Using three colors separated by three dividers in the mold and then swirled together. 

The idea was to use a slow moving recipe so you had enough time to color your soap, pour it into the mold and still have the soap fluid enough to swirl.  My recipe called for a few solid oils (at room temperature) and a few liquid oils (see below). Three colors were needed--a base and two accent colors. The mold in order of colors would be: base, accent # 1, base and accent...

<3 Heart Like Mine

Don't forget to stop and see our soaps, perfume oils, face masks and bath salts at Heart Like Mine in Floresville, Texas. Stacey has very affordable clothes and so many cute styles to choose from!

New Stockist

We are happy to announce that our soaps will now be available now at Carroll Street Coffee Bar & Cafe in Poth, Texas. We are truly excited and hope y'all stop in and see Leslie! She makes the best coffee and danishes!