Daybreak Beard Balm 4 oz

Twenty 8 North

$ 30.00

Our handmade beard balm helps to repair and prevent split ends, it softens, nourishes, and leaves a light shine, as well as, conditions the beard. 

Scent: A lightly minted balm with tea tree and orange highlights. 

Net weight 4 oz.

Ingredients: unrefined beeswax, shea butter, argan oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, essential oils of: peppermint, tea tree, orange, vitamin e, rosemary oleoresin extract

Can't decide which to buy the beard oil or balm read below:

Opt for beard oil if you want your beard to retain it's natural shape, but feel nourished and healthy. Go for a beard balm if you want to tame your beard lightly, whilst conditioning at the same time. You can use the beard oil daily and the beard balm twice weekly for best results. 

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