Farting Monkeys Cold Process Soap

Twenty 8 North

$ 8.00

In the wild, monkeys eat many things, usually fresh fruit and they throw the best farting parties around. Well, one day a traveler came across one of these parties and he was appalled. Then he had an idea. If everyone knew that monkey farts were really fruity they would all want them.

So he pulled a jar from his backpack and bottled the scent. Fresh bananas, grapefruits, Fresh banana blended with sweet grapefruit, mandarin orange, kiwi, coconut cream, pink raspberries, strawberries and apples.

Net weight 5-6 oz

Ingredients: water, organic coconut oil, organic/sustainable palm oil, olive oil, sodium hydroxide (lye), sunflower oil, canola oil, fragrance, unrefined shea butter, unrefined/organic cocoa butter, mica

To extend the life of your soap keep it out of standing water by using a draining dish and out of direct sunlight.

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