About Us




My name is Raechel Alexander. Growing up—I always had a desire and fascination to create and experiment. My family and friends have always asked, "What's the mad scientist doing now?"

Whether it be recreating a dish I had in a restaurant, reknitting an afghan because I didn't like the pattern or making perfume with my Holly Hobby perfume set (I am dating myself here.) I have always wanted to create and share what I have created.

Twenty 8 North, lets me do this. I can take the raw ingredients and and create something brand new and exciting. My inspiration is from places I’ve been and places I want to go. From the Hill Country of Texas, the Everglades in Florida or the Pacific Coast Highway. I try to find scents that can take you back to mesmerizing moments or just help you to create new memories with loved ones.

I am a one-woman team. I am the brains behind the products, the photographer behind the pictures, designer behind the labels, and the one who finds the best ingredients.

Twenty 8 North is located in South Texas and where it is HOT. So I do what I can to stay as cool as possible, usually staying inside or floating lazily down a river somewhere.

So please look around and you will find something amazing.

All of our products are thoroughly tested and vetted by our family and friends. I hope you will love my products as much as I enjoy making them.


**Note: Twenty 8 North does not have a brick and mortar and is not open to the public.