Limited Edition Cold Process Soap

Twenty 8 North

$ 9.00

The limited edition Cold Process Soaps are:

Bourbon (with a touch of Strawberries)—smooth bourbon laced with sweet strawberries

Mad in Love—sweet orange, luscious peaches and succulent jasmine; 7 oz

Oakmoss—of bergamot, with an earthy heart of geranium, oakmoss, cedarwood, and musk; 7 oz

Blue— a sweet blueberry tea; 7 oz

Lemon—notes of lemongrass, apples, cassis, green tea, cedar, and vanilla 6.5 oz

Tomato—smells just like the vine of a tomato plan; 6.5 oz

Farting Monkeys—a menagerie of fruits and sweet bananas; 6.5 oz

Spruce—just walking among the Christmas trees; 6.5 oz

Cactus—the smell of fresh flowering cactus; 7 oz

Lush—sweet succulent plants; 7 oz

Smoked Roses—sultry smokey roses; 7 oz

Rum in the Woods—the smell of smoke on the wind and the rum in your cut rock glass; 7 oz


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